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Professional workbenches Movint is specialized in the study and supply of industrial furniture for the workshop, the archive andfor the staff. We offer numerous solutions for work desks and workstations, cabinets and drawer cabinets,trolley benches and drawers. We specialize in the production of filing cabinets and shelves for archives and offices, dressing room cabinets in painted sheet and stainless steel, benches, equipped benches, stools and ergonomic seats.

Professional workbenches

Assembly benches

The dynamic and ergonomic design of the work stations proposed by Movint lends itself to various work environments, mainly in the metalworking, electronics, assembly and laboratory sectors. The strongly modular…


Movint offers companies and industries a wide range of workbenches, made in different models with wooden or sheet metal tops, it also provides multiple accessories to customize them for¬†implement…
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