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Tipping buckets

Published in Trolleys for the industry

Movint srl proposes for handling and unloading waste, scrap and scrap, sturdy buckets safe and easy to use, which can be fitted with a forklift truck or transpallet.
will guarantee order and cleanliness in your work environment. The buckets are supplied with nylon wheels (2 fixed and 2 pivoting), safety chain and hooking hook.
The emptying is done manually by acting on a simple lever hooked by a rope or a chain; in this way the operator can carry out the overturning while remaining safe inside the forklift truck.

In addition it is offered as an option, if required:3/4 "tap for excess liquid drainage (mounted vertically or horizontally on the bucket).
Grill that can be combined with a tap or cap for oil filtration. Watertight with drain cock and decanting grid. Removable lid.

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